Playing with fire
Normalizing USFS fire data for use in modern maps
Adam Roberts @abenroberts abenrob on github
so there I was one day...
...playing with maps
@geografa had a neat idea
csv fine for one pull
but tomorrow I need to pull new data
maybe I can load the csv from the remote USFS source...
maybe I can write a proxy server and stand it up on my server and...
then only I could use it - that would be cray-cray
maybe I could...
what I needed was data that I could just USE
I just want the data
(and any excuse to play around with something cool)
geoJSON is what I want
geoJSON demo
how can I create a tool that will fetch geoJSON for any day I want (live from USFS - no daily pulls!)
enter Flask
Flask is micro
Flask is python
with Flask I can create a single-resource API that translates USFS csv to geoJSON
in 57 lines of code
this is boring, show us some code
api demo
umm...ok, that is boring us some maps!
by-date demo
all-data demo
Adam Roberts @abenroberts abenrob on github