My name is Adam Roberts. I’m a data visualizer and developer in Grenoble, France.

Lead developer with experience managing entire project life-cycle. Strong communicator who enjoys teaching as much as learning. Able to talk to clients, teach novices and prepare pedagogic materials and documentation. Expert in geospatial data analysis and exploration, both in classic GIS spheres and modern web-based geo-development.

Technical Competencies
JS Web (Angular, React, jQuery, Backbone, etc.)
Data analysis (Python, R, Turf.js, GDAL)
Server-side (Hapi, Express, Flask, NGINX, Docker)
Web carto/dataviz (leaflet.js, MapBoxGL, CartoDB, google, D3js)
Database (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mongodb, SQLite)
Static sites (Jekyll/GH-Pages)
Tools (Git, Grunt/Gulp, Browserify, Webpack)
Localization (i18n)

Volunteer Experience

Event organizer/web developer
2015 – Present, Grenoble, France
Local organizer for mapathons in Grenoble. Teaching aerial imagery interpretation & data collection, coordinating communications & logistics. Contributing to website development. Implemented the Jekyll-based localization for the site.
Event organizer/web developer
2014 – Present, Grenoble, France
Founder/organizer for maptime chapter in Grenoble. Leading monthly meetups, teaching cartography & technical topics, preparing & leading workshops. Creating and maintaining website/wprkshops.

Professional Experience

Sortware engineer
Motion Intelligence
2016 - Present, Berlin, Germany
Front-end development, technology prototyping, developers site, support…
Developers site creation/management/development, demos and examples to help folks use the technology, new technolgy prototyping and deployment to get internal team up to speed on what’s new in geo (vectortile, vectortiles, vectortiles!), support platform management
Web developer/data visualizer/cartographer/trainer
2015 – 2016, Grenoble, France
Full-stack web development, data visualizations, web cartography, workshop leading, technical training
Software developer
Spatial Development International
2013 – 2015, Ballard, WA, USA
GIS and web application development
Lead software developer for various client web-apps. Primary focus on Node.js, Angular.js, PostgresQL, D3.js and Leaflet.js.
Application developer
HDR, Inc
2012 – 2013, Portland, OR, USA
GIS and web application development
JavaScript, jQuery, html5/css3, python, objC, .NET MVC…, ArcGIS server
Business systems manager
2011 – 2012, Portland, OR, USA
Business systems manager for home energy audit program. Tracked and analyzed data on program-wide energy savings, economic incentives and jobs creation. Maintained and developed dashboards to communicate numbers to management and executive partners.
Staff GIS developer/analyst
Critigen (spawned from ch2m technology group)
2009 – 2011, Portland, OR, USA
GIS and mapping support for large-scale solar and wind permitting applications in the Pacific Northwest
GIS analyst/developer
2007 – 2009, Portland, OR, USA
GIS and mapping support for large-scale solar and wind permitting applications in the Pacific Northwest